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Custom Slug

Use your own custom slug to increase link "friendlyness" and to let know where they may be taken to.

Password Locked

Protect your content with a password and only those who know can access it!


Track individual link analytics and measure how your links are really being used. See how your urls is being found.

Targeted Countries

Want to make link(s) available to certain countries? we got you covered!

Expiration Dates

Delete link after certain date has been reached

Trackable QR Codes

Ever wondered how many have seen your QR codes? well wonder no more!

Branded Links

Connect your own custom domains with us and redirect users using your own domain names.

Real-Time New

Watch how your links are being accessed in real-time.

Workflows Soon

Build different workflows and redirect to different pages based on their device, system, country and more!

More than just an URL shortener!

We also offer free analytics service for your links and see how they are really performing!

Analytics 📈

See exactly what browser, device your visitors are using when visiting your urls. All the way down to location.

Get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overview of your account/link along with many other cool features!

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Profiles ✨

your-name elonmusk kyliejenner jeffbezos

Create your own beautiful profile and give it a personal touch with your own customizations! Profiles can be customized completely from ready made themes to your own backgrounds, colors.

Each link on your profile can also be tracked induvidually to see how they are performing!

When you connect a domain with us and your profile is public, it's also accessible on your own domain.

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A URL shortener, also known as a link shortener, seems like a simple tool, but it is a service that can have a dramatic impact on your marketing efforts.

Link shorteners work by transforming any long URL into a shorter, more readable link. When a user clicks the shortened version, they’re automatically forwarded to the destination URL.

Think of a short URL as a more descriptive and memorable nickname for your long webpage address. You can, for example, use a short URL like so people will have a good idea about where your link will lead before they click it.

If you’re contributing content to the online world, you need a URL shortener.

Make your URLs stand out with our easy to use free link shortener above.

LINK.GY is a completely free service and there are no costs at this moment.

If your link hasn't had any visitors yet then you won't see any charts.

You can currently contact us at [email protected] to get your profile verified.

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